California State University, Los Angeles
Department of History and JFK Library

Photography Exhibit

in Partnership with the Los Angeles Times

Curators: Jewelyn Mims, Nicole Aros, Dr. Eileen Ford, and Dr. Choi Chatterjee

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About Project

We are proud to present The Ground Beneath Our Feet: A Hundred Years of Earthquakes in Los Angelesan art exhibition of historical photographs that has been created in collaboration with the Los Angeles Times.  This exhibition has been co-sponsored by the JFK Library and the History Department at California State University, Los Angeles. The online exhibit features original photographs of earthquakes in the Los Angeles area from the Los Angeles Times Digital Archives. The chronological span of the exhibit is a little over a hundred years. We have chosen photographs that show the considerable material and human losses that our region has suffered during this period. But the exhibit also contains portraits of resilience that reflect the unique spirit of Los Angeles.

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